Here at Bluehost, we LOVE WordPress. It’s one of the simplest and easiest tools for creating a full-blown website. And we’re not the sole ones who think so: over 50% of all new websites are built with it and over 14% of existing sites already use it!

What is WordPress?
WordPress began as a blogging tool, but it’s evolved over time: now it’s a full-blown content management system (CMS), which suggests it allows you to to create an internet site without having to find out HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc… Instead, you only install WordPress on your Bluehost hosting account and log into an administrative “back-end” tool (or “Dashboard” as WordPress calls it). There you’ve got several options and may upload pictures, add text, install free plugins, create pages, change the design and feel of the web site , and more! WordPress handles all the complicated coding work for you so all you’ve got to try to to is click publish.

How to Create an internet site Using WordPress
As with any tool, it does take a couple of minutes to find out the way to use it. once you create an internet site , WordPress has several customization options to assist improve the functionality of your site. you’ll choose from different plugins like Yoast SEO and widgets to feature features. Use our step-by-step guide and find out how to make an internet site using WordPress.
Our new WordPress Walkthrough series covers everything you would like to understand, from the way to install it on your Bluehost hosting account to the way to build real, functioning sites.

We demonstrate how to:

create a home page
change the theme and appearance add a photo gallery
make a static page
upload a resume
add a blog
install and use plugins and widgets
insert a picture
Add a contact form
remove comments from pages
and much more…
Below is a summary of what to expect from the article.

Choose a website Name
Set up a Hosting Account & Purchase a Hosting Plan
Install WordPress
Choose a WordPress Theme
Learn Your WordPress Dashboard
Create Pages
Customize your website using plugins & other features
Step 1: Choosing a Website Name
Your name is what people type into their browser to urge to your website. Though it’s tempting to settle on something funny or flashy, pick a website that both represents your brand and makes it easy for people to seek out you.
For example, “” is best than “” because searchers that are to seek out |searching for”> trying to find Bob by name or for welding services are more likely to find him. the choice to register your name will depend upon your reasons for building the website.
One of the benefits of employing a hosting service like Bluehost (which WordPress recommends) is that you simply can buy your name and hosting service from an equivalent provider. Simply type in your required name, click on the “next” button, and therefore the system will verify whether your choice is out there. you’ll also choose an alternate top-level domain from the menu. for instance , you’ll want .club or .us rather than .com.

Step 2: found a Hosting Account and buy a Package
Hosting Plans
Once you’ve got established your name, you’ll get to create an account for your hosting package. Enter your personal information into each field then scroll right down to the package lists (Basic, Plus, or Business Pro) and choose an option that matches your budget and repair needs. Prices vary across hosting providers, but most offer add-ons, like extra security measures, tools to spice up search rankings, and site backup.

Check the acceptable boxes and scroll right down to enter your billing information. Take a flash to read through the terms of service, cancellation policy, and privacy notices, then click the box to verify that you simply accept as true with the policies. Follow the on-screen instructions to make a password and, boom, you’re ready for step three: choosing your WordPress theme.

Step 3 & 4: Install WordPress & Choose a WordPress Theme
If you’ve chosen Bluehost as your web host, WordPress is going to be automatically installed for you. All you’ve got to try to do is click, ‘Login’ and choose a topic. if you aren’t sure which theme you would like, don’t worry! you’ll return and alter it later. If you don’t just like the generic themes, you’ll upgrade to at least one of the premium themes.

The next screen will ask if you’re building your website for private or business reasons. this may help us provide you with accurate recommendations to assist together with your website building journal.

Step 5: Learn Your WordPress Dashboard
Now that you simply are able to start working, you ought to end up on the Dashboard, or the back-end, for your new website. this is often the topographic point that permits you to regulate what your website visitors will see once they land on your pages. Spend a while learning this dashboard by reviewing features that you simply will use most frequently.

Let the fun begin! you’re able to start fine-tuning your site together with your color choices, font styles, and special elements which will assist you to express your company culture or personality. you’ll dive right in and write your first post, but it’s beneficial to urge you to understand the features and functionality of your site first.
On the left-hand sidebar, you’ll find navigation links that allow you to customize your site. the simplest thanks to get to understand your way around is to click on each tab and explore the choices.

Browse the themes; there are paid and free options available.
Customize your theme with colors, headers, and social media buttons.
Upload photos to inspire your site visitors and add clues about your values and services.
Create your first blog post and main page content.
Add a contact form
Don’t forget to line up Google Analytics so as to gather data on visitors coming to your site and link Google Search Console to form sure there are not any errors.
Additional Tips to recollect When Learning the way to Use WordPress

Create engaging content to your site appear in search engines
Make sure you’ve got the newest version of WordPress to urge the complete functionality of the CMS platform
Link to your social media profiles
Bluehost is that the #1 company of all WordPress recommended hosting providers. Our servers are optimized to host WordPress sites and our one-click installer makes it easy to urge up and running in seconds. Still, to form it even easier for that new WordPress, we’ve recently created a video series demonstrating the way to use it, step-by-step, click-by-click, and uploaded it to our Bluehost YouTube channel. Check it out and allow us to know what you think!

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